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Adventures in Children's Fantasy

I’ve been reading precious little on my own account over the last few months. What I have been doing, most nights of the week, is reading to David. He’s a strong reader in his own right and is well able to cope with run-of-the-mill kids’ books, so I’m leaving the Horrid Henries of this world for him to explore on his own. However, for slightly more advanced reading we’ve instituted a reading hour where I will read him a couple of chapters of something (he now calls these “chapter books” as a result) and the rest of the time before lights out is for him to read simpler stuff by himself.

The material so far has been heavily slanted towards fantasy, as you can see from the list below -

·         J.R.R. Tolkien: “The Hobbit”

·         J.K. Rowling: “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” (Harry Potter I)

·         Diana Wynne Jones: “Charmed Life” (Chrestomanci Chronicles I)

·         Joan Aiken: “Tales of Arabel’s Raven”

·         J.K. Rowling: “Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets” (Harry Potter II)

·         Dianna Wynne Jones:  “Archer’s Goon” (non- Chrestomanci)

·         Joan Aiken: “Arabel & Mortimer”

·         J.K. Rowling: “Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban” (Harry Potter III)

·         Dianna Wynne Jones: “The Lives of Christopher Chant” (Chrestomanci II, in progress)

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Samurai Time Slip!

OK, I think I'm sorted for a plot for the next L5R adventure...


L5R - PC Images

I've been sorting through some of the L5R card art and stuff from the earlier edition books I have, and I've found a few images which might be appropriate for various members of the party. What do you think?

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L5R - Campaign Summary IV

LiveJournal is being difficult about posting long entries, and this is taking rather more posts than I thought...
So, the magistrates are about to start their second progression through the puzzle path set them by the kenku at Serpent Hall.

Part IV
Mirumoto Daini

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L5R - Campaign Summary (continued)

Some more of the party's wanderings in the Shinomen Forest. We rejoin the magistrate party as they prepare to take on the challenges set them by the kenku of the magic grove:

Part III

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LiveJournal found the whole update too much for its puny memory, so there will be a Part IV!


L5R - Campaign Summary

Time for a recap, I think.

Part I from a while back

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Part III to follow.


Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

Beijing. We'd been in China about 3 days and were joining an organised tour that day. When we arrived at the hotel there were garbled rumours amongst the rest of the group but we only found out the horrible scale of the events when we went to the tour guide's hotel room and watched the planes hit the WTC on a postage stamp sized video on his laptop. We were in East Asia (China, Nepal, HK, Japan) for another three months, wierdly insulated from the whole frenzy, getting information through Channel 9, poor internet connections and occasional BBC World Service (I had a little short wave with me, but it wasn't much use).

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L5R - Seventh Circuit - Session 2 Recap

Holidays, moves and other real world complications having prevented the last couple of sessions from taking place, here's a tardy recap of Session 2 to refresh memories in advance of the next game....

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L5R - Seventh Circuit, Week One

The newly minted magistrates begin their first tour around the Imperial Seventh Circuit, a backwater area lying mostly in the northern reaches of Crab territory, and containing the fabled Shinomen Forest, a vast woodland with magical properties.

I'll be awarding experience etc. at the end of the adventure, as it makes it easier to keep tabs on.


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L5R - Campaign Recap

I've been remiss over the last few months in posting session logs, so here is a recap of the Legend of the Five Rings campaign prior to last week, which should help with remembering some of those Japanese names. Full log for last week's adventure to follow.


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